Acupuncture — Private Treatment

1 hour appointment

Acute or chronic conditions can be addressed. Other therapies can be incorporated such as massage, cupping or moxibustion depending on the condition.  

Herbal Medicine

I work with both Chinese herbs and herbs from North America. Depending on your condition, I can prescribe herbs in the form of teas, tinctures, lineaments, oils, salves, foot soak, and more. Please note that the cost of herbs is separate from the cost of consultation.

Herbal consultation is available as part of an acupuncture treatment, or on its own.





Special glass or silicone cups are placed on the skin to create suction. This improves blood flow and unblocks stagnation in the area which improves circulation, and is commonly used to help treat injuries, muscle tension and stiffness, pain, and even lung infections. Cupping can be relaxing and feels like a massage.

Cupping can be included with an acupuncture treatment or as a 30 - minute session. 

Acupuncture — Community Setting (on hold during Covid-19 restrictions)

Community Acupuncture 

Community setting where participants receive acupuncture at the same time. This lowers the cost so that more people can receive acupuncture. Once COVID-19 restrictions have lifted I will be practicing this form of acupuncture in addition to private treatments.


NADA protocol was originally created at the Lincoln Centre in New York City, to help those suffering with the withdrawal symptoms associated wth heroin addiction. Clients and clinicians reported a reduction in cravings, anxiety and sleep disturbance. 


Today this protocol is used to to help those dealing with anxiety, sleep problems, PTSD, and drug and alcohol addiction.

What makes NADA unique is that it’s offered in a community setting with people sitting in chairs in a circle. 5 needles are placed in each ear and everyone sits in silence for 20-45 minutes. This acts as a meditation. For many it’s the only quiet time they may have during waking hours.

NADA can be included in a regular acupuncture treatment. If you are interested in facilitating a NADA session (i.e. clinic, community organization), please reach out.