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My Approach

I care about creating a supportive, positive, non judgemental environment where healing can occur. I want people to be empowered as active participants on their healing paths, and to build confidence in their own healing abilities.

During sessions, I address the primary concerns while checking in to see that the pillars (sleep, digestion, energy levels, exercise) are balanced. I place an emphasis on developing a healthy mindset & positive self talk as I believe all journeys to wellbeing have an integral mental emotional component that needs to be nurtured. I welcome clients to discuss any area of life, they feel is relevant to explore, in order to overcome their health challenges.

I’m inspired by the origin of the word doctor, which comes from the Latin word docere, meaning: to teach. I simplify the mechanics of medical conditions and offer the Chinese medicine perspective so that the client understands how to make choices that brings them closer to their goals. I feel that if people carry this knowledge with them, they’ll have the tools to create long lasting impacts on their health.

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